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3'40'', May 2009


This video was made in the week before the OHO award exhibition took place. It comments an event in a big Slovene cultural house Cankarjev dom, where an ongoing painting exhibition of Marko Tusek (a Slovene painter) was covered with a wall for two days for the needs of another happening in the same building. Cankarjev dom has not notified Marko Tušek about this or even notified the public that the exhibition will be interrupted. Contrary to this they have just carelessly partly covered the exhibited pieces by a wall. The video is a critic and a sarcastic comment to this kind of behavior as well as an act of solidarity with other artists. The video was presented together with my statement:

As artists we are repeatedly placed in unpleasent situations in connection with the exhibiting of our works. This is unavoidable due to divergence of interests between artists and organizers of exhibitions, but unfortunately negligent errors with exhibiting can be found that should not be acceptable. Last week I went to visit an exhibition with colleagues and saw an amazing scene, which became even more unbelievable the following day. Unfortunately, such scenes are not an exception.

The title of the video: »Discovery (in this case it also means uncovering) beyond the transparency« derives from the title of Markos' exhibition »Beyond the transparency«. I used some additional ironical situations in my favor to give the seemingly insignificant error of the organizers, the value that it deserves. At the same time, I exploit the situation for personal fun. I think that humor is many times a stronger answer. The video shows one of the many examples of unprofessional behavior in relation to the exhibited works of art, which rarely experiences criticism.

I took a serious problem, seriously in a funny way, in the hope that this is the way to encourage serious people to seriously consider all this."

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