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video, 9'02'', 2013

Autors: Ana Čigon, Leja Jurišić, Teja Reba and Barbara Kapelj Osredkar
Video is part of the project I’m Walking Behind You and Watching You / Hodim za tabo in gledam te

Camera, video editing, special effects: Ana Čigon
Interviews conducted by: Teja Reba, Barbara Kapelj Osredkar
Concept: Ana Čigon,Teja Reba, Leja Jurišić in Barbara Kapelj Osredkar
Production: City of Women

The video is a critic of under-representation of women in public monuments in Ljubljana. It is a part of the project I’m Walking Behind You and Watching You, a female map of the city in which memory holders form the missing and ignored stories of women who worked their way through the city, created it, swore by it and breathed it, as well as those who migrated to it every day. If the Slovenian capital has as many as 360 monuments of local significance, what is the number of annotations mentioning women?

In the video action, Barbara Kapelj Osredkar and Teja Reba asked passers-by on the streets of Ljubljana whether they know about a monument in Ljubljana that would be dedicated to female personalities and which woman would they choose if they could decide. The video picture on the other hand shows adapted existing monuments, transformed and dedicated to women in various places in Ljubljana. Monuments do not really exist, but they were computer-generated so that the images of existing sculptures dedicated to other (male) person were changed with the help of tools usually used by photographers and designers in the beauty industry to eradicate wrinkles. The statue of Simon Gregorčič was, e.g. transformed into a statue of Zofka Kveder, a statue of Dr. Fran Ramovš into the statue of Ljuba Prenner, Ivan Cankar into Ita Rina, Dr. France Kidrič into Franja Tavčar and Jenko Davorin into Valery Heybal. (Text by Barbara Borčić, SCCA Ljubljana)



Ana Čigon